Boutari Santorini winery is one of the high prized estates of the Boutari family, located on the Greek island of Santorini.
First opened on 1989, and has a played a leading role in the the viticulture development of the island and commercial development of Santorini wines worldwide.

With the intuition of an experienced Greek wine-producer the Boutari family identified, back in 1989, yet another important wine region with great potential and important prospects for the production of high quality wines.

Boutari brought experience and innovative thinking to Santorini’s viticulture community, played a pivotal role in establishing the modern parameters for today’s early August harvest and helping Assyrtiko grape achieve its full potential nowadays.

Combining modern winemaking techniques with tradition, unknown in Santorini, until that time, Boutari has helped raise the qualitative standards required for the production of Santorini’s PDO wines.

The main grape variety grown in Santorini is Assyrtiko, an indigenous white variety one of the noblest in the Mediterranean. Assyrtiko is a multi-talented grape variety that can give many different products. Assyrtiko, occupies about 80% of the total area of ​​the Santorini’s vineyard. Along with the other two major white varieties of the vineyard, Athiri and Aidani, produces the Appellation of Origin Santorini Superior Quality white wine (P.D.O).

The winery has a capacity to accommodate annually about 1600 ton of grapes.

With the opening of the winery in 1989 a revolutionary move made to bring the wines of Santorini in a new era. A pioneer of its time, the winery first brought modern vilification methods such as stainless steel tanks,pneumatic presses, oak barrels and temperature control vats to the island.

Boutari Santorini wines are focused on Santorini’s indigenous white grape varieties Assyrtiko, Aidani , Athiri and the red Aegean variety of Mandilaria.

Boutari Santorini winery was the catalyst for the continued cultivation of vines on the island.
Santorini through the products and their disposal by the Boutari family is known for its wine around the world.
At the same time the income of the local farmer grew vertically (due to increased demand), while the company continuously detects new processes and products through investments in a number of research projects related to the vine and wine.

Santorini has taught us a lot. We aim to give to it much more.